Comments by Jorge

🕐 10-5-19 3:52 AMJT
Photo 51186
By: JT
Visiting dealer in Canterbury. New R Dynamic simply stunning.
🕐 10-3-19 12:36 PMJT
Photo - 51185
By: JT
And now it sits next to the real Gem.

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🕐 10-3-19 8:38 AMJT
Photo - 51184
holly crap. that is a pretty convincing replica.
🕐 10-2-19 6:01 PMJT
Photo - 01
That's a lot of stuff around that baby. Smile I have a 1 meter safety zone in my garage and no other humans are allowed in there Smile
🕐 10-2-19 6:01 PMJT
Photo - 02
Yorkshire dales right? My wife is from up in that area.

What a beauty. SVR too ! I have the coupe version of an "S" with the manual 6 speed transmission. It does not growl like your cat but when you put it next to anything else on the street, all eyes are on it.

I use to have a Porsche. Great cars, great performance but styling goes to the Brits 100%. No one can style a car like the British and Italians. ( Exception: Triumph Princess and Robin Reliant )
🕐 10-2-19 6:01 PMJT
Photo - 04
This is absolutely beautiful When I was a young kid back in the 70's, this was my dream car. I thought it was the sexiest most beautiful car at the time. Now, they are hard to find and out of this world expensive. Skip forward a few decades and I now own the F-Type. Which to me is the sexiest most beautoifule car of this decade by far.

Your E Type is stunning. Absolutely gorgeous. Keep posting!

I was just at a car show a few weeks ago. where one of the cars was an E Type. The owner has owned it since the 70's. He paid $2500.00 for it an now it's worth over 200k the way it sits. Here it is ..

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🕐 09-29-19 8:19 PMJT
By: JT
Made room in the garage for both of the important cars. The wife is complaining about the rain and having to park her car outside. Too bad. Some things just take precedence over others.

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